Avenues Hure who charges $2 per ROUND caught on camera running away from LANDLORD


A SELF-CONFESSED H00KER yesterday detained her client at Kennedine Court along Central Avenue demanding more money for service rendered arguing that her children are starving.

It never rains but pours for the H00KER only identified as Mai Spencer who then got in trouble for not paying her rent in time.

“With these kind of living conditions, how can someone expect to pay $2 and go away with it just like that?

“I am a mother of two and at the end of the day, my kids expect me to bring something to eat back at home.

“Right now, l am in trouble running around trying to escape from my landlord who is looking for her rentals and then someone comes with a two dollar note, how did he expect me to react?” she said.

The hooker justified herself saying that people should understand that living conditions nowadays are tough.

“Life is difficult nowadays, people should always take that into consideration.

“This is a hustle and everyone else should do what it takes to survive like l do because l want to provide for my kids,” she said.

The unidentified client managed to escape immediately after adding an amount of $4 upon hearing that H-Metro crew was around.

Avenues Hure



Avenues Hure



Avenues Hure



Avenues Hure


Avenues Hure


Source: H-Metro

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