50 year old BEN 10 FALLS in LOVE with woman 10 yrs older


As the saying goes, “age is nothing but a number.” 60 year old Deliwe Mtheko  and Richard Chaoke (50) have been together for six years and they’re growing stronger every day.

“He takes good care of me. I don’t work or receive social grants, but I always have food in the house.”

She said after losing her husband in 2010 she thought she was going to be lonely.

Richard Chaoke and Deliwe Mtheko“God sent me a man and now my life is not the same anymore, it’s great.”

The head-over-heels woman said Richard makes her feel young and se_xy.

“He keeps me busy and doesn’t get tired. I feel like a teenage girl because I have fun with him.”

She said her family and friends were not happy with their relationship.

“Everyone stopped talking to me after we moved in together. But I don’t care.”

Richard said he was struggling to get a girlfriend. “I needed someone who could handle me, I never thought I would fall in love with someone older than me, but I wish I had met her earlier.”

He said Deliwe respects him. “She cooks for me and washes my clothes.

“Our se_x is better than all the young girls I have been with.”

The two are inseparable and they do everything together.

Source-Daily Sun

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