Stunner the COOLEST CELEB IN AFRICA – FAN… You might think all you want about the number one Hip Hop star in Zimbabwe but his fans love him. Infact they think he is the coolest in Africa…

According to an instagram post he shared there are people out there who love him… He said: “If one person thinks I’m the coolest then there must be more out there , yaaaaay💃💃💃💃💃💃add me on Snapchat @Stunnerzim and don’t forget the video we are watching is Inna mi head ft Sir ford click the link on my insta bio or Brand new video from Stunner ft Sir Ford . #InnaMiHead from the album IF I DIE TONIGHT.”




He even responded to the comment…. Do you think he is the coolest?

Let me get this hip hop game to where it was ndozo kudzoserai kana chachaya. Zvamurimi mozouraya futi. #vVvtt #theking #NdiniMunhuWacho #analyzethis #ifidietonight Dubai was crazy lit last night 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 #international #hiphopzimbabwe #weown2016 #photogenic #hatipfekejunk but ndiri humble hangu.

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