Zim Dancehall Chanter Soul Jah Love left his Bulawayo fans bitterly disappointed after he refused to perform, demanding payment.

He was supposed to perform at the recent Dancehall Summer Festival held at the City Hall. Promoters of the show said he only showed up at 3am and demanded payment before the show.Promoter Terminator Makoni said :“You know this guy is ruining his reputation as an artiste.


Surely for him to be so arrogant and to disregard his fans is just disrespectful. People paid money to see him and he decided to pull up some stunts,” said Makoni, adding that this was not the first time he had pulled such a stunt.“He demanded to be paid when he popped up at 3am, when the show was just about to end. He claimed his car had been clamped on his way to Bulawayo but failed to communicate with us the promoters.

SOUL JAH LOVE DISAPPOINTS IN BULAWAYO REFUSES TO PERFORM“Soul Jah Love did the same at Forty 40, Palace gardens and at Cape to Cairo. He must just retire from music. He is a shame to the people,”said Makoni.

Soul Jah Love was not available to comment.

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