Riot ALMOST erupted at Killer T, Seh Carlaz and Souljah Love show in Kadoma. The show started off well with local musicians showing off talent. But when it was time for the BIG guns to shoot the music equipment kept switching off. This first happened when it was Seh Carlaz on stage but the fault was fixed in no time. Seh Carlaz played for over an hour and the crowd was going crazy.

It was Killer T who came in next and the thousands of people in the crowd responded to his chanting such that when there was a technical fault, people kept chanting “commander” and started throwing cans and bottles on stage. This further interrupted the fixing of the machines until police had to intervene.


Fans needed calming down as the situation was getting violent and explosive. Finally after about 35 minutes of waiting Killer T came back on stage and people went crazy. Killer T apologised to the fans and sang hit song after hit song to entertain his loyal fans….

killer t at odyssey in Kadoma
Killer T on stage

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