We as Zimbabweans have to reject these bond notes. To do otherwise would be to inflict harm on ourselves. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe does not deserve our trust or our confidence in view of the fact that, complicit with the banks, they cleared out the value of our bank deposits by clearing out our nostro accounts. We have been bitten once, we have to be shy this time round. The bank has not even bothered to ensure a legal framework is in place before introducing this fictitious money.


We are being asked to play a game where there are no rules and they hold all the power and all the might.The only way to break the system is to flat out refuse the introduction of bond notes. A legal challenge is in the pipes but this has to be accompanied by wholesale agreement by us all that we do not want to revert to hyperinflation, abuse of our monetary property and general mismanagement at the hands of the Reserve Bank.


The Governor apparently asked those at the CZI conference for help in creating mechanisms that prevent the overprinting of money. This is a clear sign that such mechanisms are not in place.

In any event, when the establishment orders the Governor to  print more money, he will not have the temerity to refuse. It’s not the government or those at the top who will suffer. It is you and I – the ordinary man and woman on the street.

We have the power to stop this from happening by refusing to participate in this rogue game, with no rules where we are the pawns.

Advocate Fadzayi Mahere

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