A Pastor at Prophet Passion Java’s Kingdom Embassy Church was left with egg on his face when his prophesy was disputed by a congregant in Harare.

Pastor Israel Mathews, poised to take over from Prophet Java who is relocating to the USA made a prophesy that was way off the mark. The few people in attendance were not amused.It was during an all-night prayer last week and Pastor Matthews described in detail a library that he said a congregant named Vongai had in her Chitungwiza home. Vongai who was present looked uneasy and had to tell the pastor that her house had no library. The silence was heavy.


Pastor Matthews tried to convince Vongai that she perhaps she did not have a library, but at least must have somewhere – anywhere – where she stacked books in her house. It was embarrassing. And Pastor Matthews went on to deliver a few more “prophecies” that had congregants wondering what was going on and what would become of Kingdom Embassy.

“What he had done (Pr Matthews) was good, the Word was very powerful. He only missed it when he started prophesying – that was embarrassing,” a congregant said after the service.Church members are worried.

Pastor in Trouble after False Prophesy at Prophet Passion Java’s Kingdom Embassy Church

“The major problem that we are facing is that our prophet is spending much time out of the country thereby leaving us without a shepherd,” said one lady at the all-night vigil.

“Branch rino ranetsa. People only come kana prophet varipo because hapana umwe munhu angarisimudze. And what the prophet is doing today is to raise Pastor Israel so that he leaves him heading this branch,” another said.

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