Mudiwa Hood who had several run ins with Trevor Dongo says his rival needs love and support after he was thumped by a hwindi.

He said :”It is with great sadness that I have learnt of Trevor Dongo incident. I watched the video today. Only fools will support or laugh at any people fighting regardless of who is involved. We are Zimbabweans, lets love one another!


Mudiwa Comments after Trevor Dongo was BEATEN by a Hwindi

Trevor as an artist is no perfect at all, just like all of us. In this time, he needs our love and support…not us, to keep on nailing him.  He is a celebrated artist, no doubt at one time he sang a song that we all danced to, for that lets show respect…and support our limited talent…this is a learning curve,he will eventually get things right but only with our love and support.

I have not yet heard his side of story, nor have i heard the other guys’ side…bottom line…in any situation the celebrity has more to lose, whether u lose or win the fight. Let us avoid confrontations at all cost!!

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