MAN WHO BEAT WOMAN FOR $6 FLEES ANGRY WOMEN WHO WANTED HIS HEAD | The brute who savagely attacked a woman fled when he heard that a group of angry women were coming to deal with him.

One of the women said :”We were on the ground! We didn’t find Ba Panashe but we sang, danced and left a strong message for him. Thank you all who came out, you rock. The good news is the case has been declared a mistrial so Ba Panashe you can run but you cant hide! See you at Mbare Magistrate Court.”


It has since emerged that Magistrate Moyo in fining the brute, Musariri $50 took into account that he was a first offender who did not waste court’s time by pleading guilty to the offence.

The court also took into account that the medical affidavit produced by the state had shown that Robinah had sustained slight injuries with two blows having landed on the woman.
And there was no possibility of permanent injuries according to the affidavit.

“However, the accused must be fined so that he would resort to resolving disputes amicably and not to resolve using violence,” said magistrate Moyo when passing her sentence.

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