Local urban wear Magents gets a thumbs up at South African Men’s Wear Week.

Clothing label Magents, which was founded by Didier and Theithei, has not only grown across Africa, but has also made its mark in Europe.


Key to that success is Magents’ main goal: to express Africa through threads of cotton.

In an interview with Top Billing, Theithei explained this specific goal and what it means to them as designers.

“When we talk about threads of cotton, we’re really trying to be poetic as possible and evoke some sort of emotion. When you come to a Magents fashion show, it’s more about getting out an experience rather than just watching a show. ”

This past weekend, ZAlebs got to experience Magents’ apparel in action at the South African Men’s Wear Week in Cape Town, as the brand displayed their latest clothing. The response they received was phenominal.

Magents has also created close ties with a number of musicians, such as the likes of rapper Reason and band MiCaSa, who have been seen wearing their clothes numerous times.

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