Zimbabwe Police boss, Augustine Chihuri has blasted Prophets Emmanuel Makandiwa and Walter Magaya saying they are fake prophets (FONG KONGS).

He said Makandiwa’s church was full of harlots as was witnessed by the number of used condoms that were found at the venue of Judgment Night 4 held in Harare recently.Addressing church sermon at Glory Temple in Masvingo on Sunday, Chihuri  referred to Makandiwa and Magaya as ‘Makandigaya.


Chihuri attacked Magaya’s anointing water saying God cannot be found in a water bottle.

Magaya and makandiwa“Why do you talk of spiritual fathers when God is there to help everyone with the holy anointing we all need? If God offers us all spiritual packages on the table, why then resort to Nigeria and Ghana for spiritual anointing. As a Christian, I am really surprised.

“Now you hold sermons in the name of Judgment Night. Who are you to judge when we are all aware that judgment is withheld by the Lord himself. When we visit the venues you hold that event, we find used condoms and empty beer bottles yet you claim to have been praying,” Chihuri said.

“When you return from those spiritual leaders of yours, you put your gods in bottles of water and sell them to innocent believers. Who duped you to say God stays in a water bottle?

We should really shun unfounded ways of prayer and kneel down to ask God of our needs, that way, we will be blessed in abundance,” he added.

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