I’ve had to go through moments of internal therapy – MisRed pours her heart out… The Zimbabwean beauty took to Instagram to express how she felt and explain how she had to rethink the way forward….

She shared this pic on social media and had a few words to say…



She said: “I’ve had to go through moments of internal therapy in order to come back to whom i really am without the lights, as well as rethink where i want to be as Samantha moving forward. It wasn’t an easy process but I’m so lucky to have had people guide me through that journey to accept and acknowledge my personal truths! Sometimes we have to let go of the negative elements in our lives that hold us back in order to move forward. I symbolised my “letting go” through my hair! Here is to new begins and renewed faith in God’s ultimate plan! I fully surrender all to him! #Amen……#FindingMyHappyPlace #LovingMe#Instagram

Here is the post from the source:

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