Harare Night Life – Tiperarys Opens its own side where WOMEN DANCE N-AKED. Efforts to get entertainment in the Capital led me to a Night Club just off Leopold Takawira in the avenues. I paid $1 at the entrance but was surprised when i got to the section of the bar that was divided and people were made to pay $5 to get in. There was a big sign that prohibited the use of cellphones in that section.

Seeing this so i asked why they now have a VIP section and was answered that the CLUB now has some form of extra adult entertainment where ladies will be dancing N-AKED. I tried to get a picture but the security was on me in no time. This led me to think that maybe what they were doing there is ILLEGAL. I just wonder… Do they have a permit like Private Lounge to offer such shows?


In case you didn’t get the memo, most clubs in Harare now close at 11:30PM on Sundays… Good Luck


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