Dominic Benhura makes Mugabe Sculpture


Renowned Zimbabwean Artist, Dominic Benhura has presented this sculpture to President Mugabe. He said he was asked by the State Residence to do the sculpture.

He said it took him at least six months to complete the sculpture. “I used a stone called spring stone which I normally use for big sculptures displayed all over the world. I worked on it for six months and I wanted to make it as big as possible. This is our President. He is our number one so I wanted to give it a strong impression.”

Mugabe said :“This is wonderful art and the artists naturally are gifted people — absolutely gifted people. They are gifted in performing. They are also gifted in their hearts of charity and we are recipients of their work.

Dominic Benhura makes Mugabe Sculpture



Dominic Benhura makes Mugabe Sculpture

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