The small things you do for a woman are the ones that mean the most. Why? Because those are the things that show her you’re willing to put effort in for her, just because. No holiday or special occasion needed.

A good boyfriend or husband knows that any man who waits until Valentine’s Day to romance the woman in his life is missing the point 364 days out of the year. He also understands that while grand romantic gestures are great, the thought put into everyday activities are even better.



Here are fifteen small things that actually have a big impact.

1. Remember her friends’ names.

She’s told you about Susie at least 17 times since you’ve been together, not referring to her as “You know, that girl with the weird eyebrows” will let her know that you actually pay attention when she speaks—especially about things that may not involve you directly.

2. Clean up after yourself.

The cave men out there have given all of us guys the unjust reputation of being complete slobs. There are three possible scenarios here:

A: You have your own place which she visits, in which case she will appreciate you keeping it clean.

B: You share a place, in which case she will really appreciate you keeping it clean.

C: She has her own place and you spend time there, in which case it is imperative that you help keep it clean. It’s not really that hard.

3. Actually tell her how you feel.

Men are notorious for not being open and honest about their feelings, and just like you tell women you’re not a mind-reader, neither are they. She will appreciate you respecting her enough to open up to her.

4. Don’t pressure her into anything.

Guilt trips are never cool, no matter how small the issue is.

5. Don’t criticize her food/drink choices.

“Are you really going to eat that?” “Are you sure you want another drink?” Yes, she is. And now she’s going to order two because of your stupid comment.

Elizabeth Michael Lulu


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